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Electrical Engineering

We provide complete design and construction supervision for electrical building systems including:

Power Systems    


EA Engineering can provide a complete power system design for any project, including sizing of the electrical service, normal power systems, life safety emergency power, emergency back-up and UPS systems. Starting with our clients needs, we identify different options available to them based on the project constraints. Our recommendations will always consider the clients needs both functionally and financially. We also consider the need for flexibility, future expansion and reliability.



With the introduction of LED light fixtures, lighting and lighting design have changed more in the last five years than in the twenty five years before that. We pride ourselves in staying up to date on emerging trends and energy efficient technologies.  Through the design process we will work closely with our client and the design team to provide a lighting design that combines functional requirements for the space with energy utilization goals of sustainable design. This is all done while still maintaining the architectural vision for the space. 

Lighting Control  


Lighting controls have traditionally been used to create moods. Today, they are also used as part of a high quality energy efficient lighting system that integrates occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors, daylight sensors and scheduling ability to provide a comfortable and energy efficient environment for the occupants of a space. Lighting controls are appropriate for a wide variety of spaces including restrooms, large open offices, conference rooms and classrooms. We work closely with the owner and design team to provide information of the systems available and which system will best suit the needs of a specific project.



Communication system design includes, voice and data distribution, wireless access, CATV, public address systems and multi-media.  We have the experience and training necessary to provide clients with different options to suit the communication needs of their project. 

Fire Alarm Systems 


A fire alarm system consists of many devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audible signals when smoke, fire or other emergencies are present.  We have the knowledge of applicable codes and standards to provide a design that meets the needs of the project while providing protection for client and occupants of the space.

Security Systems 


Today, security systems consist of intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance.  Whether you need an upgrade to an existing system or design of a system for new construction, we have the experience to meet your security challenges.   We have worked on a wide range of projects from a few cameras to large fully integrated system. 

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